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  Bill Stix was born - entirely through no fault of his own - in Minneapolis Minnesota to a Norwegian-Lutheran-Minneapolis father and Irish-Catholic-St.Paul mother, thereby becoming a perfect composite of the Twin Cities population of the time (1958). His musical "talent" was  first noticed in a positive sense when he became part of the Sixth Grade Choral Group at Central Elementary School in the village of Richfield MN. (The school is now defunct, as are Woodlake Elementary and West Junior High schools that he attended, though whether his attendance (or lack thereof) helped create this situation is still open to conjecture.)

  Bill - or as his classmates called him "that weird fat guy" - began playing guitar in High School (Richfield High School - still in existence but just barely) and showed a talent for home recording...which was fortunate as no one really wanted to play with him. As with so many things in his life, Bill had to settle for playing with himself. Any chance for a real career in music was dealt a devastating blow when Bill faced a serious addiction problem in the early '80's - sadly, like so many young people then, he became "hooked on phonics" , though he seems to have become "clean and slobber" in recent years.

  As an employee of the Minnesota Dept. of Revenue in St.Paul MN, Bill has over the last decade produced a number of songs that were used in training or other illicit purposes. He continues to reside in Richfield, but only until his house is razed for more condos by the city.

                              - Entry from "Who's What of South Central Hennepin County 2003", used with persimmon.
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November 11, 2009 I started our league bowling night at Southtown Lanes in Bloomington with a disgusting 146 game. I switched balls to my black AMF Angle and began a long string of strikes, culminating in my first perfect 300 game!! Incredibly my childhood friend, Mark Lemieux, was there and recorded it on his cell phone. The video is now posted on YouTube.

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Chicago Union Depot: May 3, 2003.

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